Te Hauora Runanga O Wairarapa Inc



Our Rongoā & Mirimiri Services include:

  • Gentle touch massage (pressure points)
  • Rongoa Poultice (applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation)
  • 1-1 sessions

Our Rongoā and Mirimiri services are run by a model that includes karakia (prayer), whakawhiti korero (conversations), whakamoemiti (praises) and whakawatea (to clear)

How do the sessions work?

You will work together with your kaimahi (worker) to figure out how the sessions will work best for you. We provide the option of home appointments and appointments here at the office. We are open till 7pm on Thursdays if you cannot make any other times because of your work commitments. 

Who can access our Rongoā & Mirimiri Services?

These services are available to anyone who lives in the Wairarapa (From Pukaha Mt Bruce down to Cape Palliser.) There is no age limit to this service 

How much will this cost me?

This service has no cost 

How can I enrol?

We welcome all to come in to our office and speak to the kaimahi (worker) on duty who will be sitting in the reception office. The kaimahi on duty will support you to enrol in to the right service for you. Our 3-page enrolment form will require you to provide your details and contact details. You will also be required to complete and sign a consent to intervention form. The kaimahi on duty can explain this in more detail when you arrive. Please feel free to come into the office at 101 Chapel Street, Masterton anytime within our open times. 


For further information around any of these services, please contact us