Te Hauora Runanga O Wairarapa Inc

He Whakapapa

Te Hauora Runanga o Wairarapa was established in 1985 as a community support service for Māori Health in the Wairarapa region.  It grew from initiatives developed by Māori Health workers seeking to establish a more focussed approach to the delivery of Community health services.  Te Hauora has maintained extensive networks, both with Māori and non-Māori providers and community, and it adopts a “Kaupapa Māori” approach to support.

Moemoea (The Vision)

Our Whakapapa our Whenua and our priority Whānau

Ngā Huarahi (Mission Statement)

Enriching the lives of our priority Whānau, being responsible stewards of our Whenua and prospering our Whakapapa today for future generations

Hoaketanga (Objective)

Working with our Priority Whānau to remain in their community addiction free and mentally well. Encourage ownership and accountability for the now and utilize our clinicians for best results. Monitor success against Whānau Ora seven priorities:

Whānau are knowledgable and well informed

Whānau are healthy

Whānau actively participate in communities 

Whānau are engaged in Te Ao Maori

Whānau enjoy high standards of living 

Whānau are responsible stewards of our environments 

Whānau relationships are rewarding and empowering 

Whakatauaki (Proverb)

Pupuritia ki te Aka Matua

Me mau ko te Aka Matua

Kaua ko te Aka Taepa

The proverb comes from the story of Tawhaki, in particular the advice he received from his grandmother Whaitiri in that when he ascends to the heavens he should climb the main vine (Aka Matua) and not the hanging vine (Aka taepa).